Exciting news as Sales Scene Limited, a colleague of I am Emily Design & Marketing and now client have changed their name and had will now be known as ‘The Social Accelerators’.

They instructed IAE to take on the rebrand that reflected the growth of their core business and expanding into other ventures.

Their mission remains unchanged; to achieve the best possible use and leverage of social media to create great content and to drive website visits and enquiries, build brand awareness, build marketing databases and to deliver a great service to clients through social media

Working alongside IAE on a number of projects The Social Accelerators provide Digital marketing strategy, social media campaigns and management, and social recruitment. They have also partnered with Paralympic icon and former world record holder Danny Crates to create a marketing platform ‘The Inspired Athlete’, that is solely dedicated to promoting the UK’s greatest Paralympians as motivational speakers and brand ambassadors.

Caroline Thomas of The Inspired Athlete: “Our vision is not only to inspire and motivate employees and entrepreneurs with our Paralympian’s messages of overcoming adversity against all odds; it’s also to build sustainable career opportunities for para-athletes upon retirement from sport.”

The Social Accelerators will also be offering Personality Profiling and offer individuals and businesses a way to truly understand how communications influence different personality types/sectors in order to increase the effectiveness of any marketing communications, help identify who you need in your teams (internal and external) and why there might be conflict/performance issues, which in turn, helps teams to work more effectively together by understanding the strengths and weaknesses that each have, and to identify which job roles suit which personality types best.

The personality profiling is something that IAE has been interested in and discovering the right clients and how to communicate with them, so this is an excellent way to determine who you’re best working with.

The rationale behind the chosen logo came from words I had extracted from the brief – trends, growth and digital world. The simple, encompassing graphic and the colours almost look like they belong in the digital world and with the varying lengths of the lines signifying growth and adapting while the company name sits snugly in to it.

The curve of the graphic and the space it creates lends itself to the more upright condensed font used for the company name. The strapline font is modern and friendly with a personal touch using the hand written style font and the bright, lively colours continue the friendly theme and reflect the personality of The Social Accelerators. The logo has been developed specifically to work in a digital format, like so much that is moving that way now it’s important to consider how a logo is positioned on line as well as in print. Considerations such as social media icons are a large part of today’s businesses and a logo that fits in to a digital world was a must for The Social Accelerators brand.

All of this information came out of a questionnaire that Caroline filled in, which allowed me to get to the bottom of what the company wanted to represent and how I could visually interpret that. It also allowed Caroline to truly consider the direction of her business and futureproof her branding and pulled out some key words that will become valuable as she grows and responds to her industry.

It is great to be working with such a forward thinking company and be involved in their rebrand, Caroline Thomas says: “I chose Emily to work on my new brand as I have already experienced her design work through a shared project that we work on. I trust Emily’s expertise, and the questionnaire that she has developed is very comprehensive, and made it easy for me to determine the key messages that I wanted to communicate. Her rationale behind each of the designs demonstrated her deep knowledge of design, the sector that I work in, and a complete understanding of how I want to position our brand, making the decision process much easier and more streamlined. Emily also provided brand guidelines ensuring that we stay on brand, no matter what campaign or marketing we are running. If you’re considering a rebrand, or are launching a new business that you need a brand for, I highly recommend that you work with Emily, she is not only a very talented designer, but has a great understanding of business, and delivers a fantastic customer experience – Thanks Emily!”

Check out their new social accelerators website, for more details on what they offer and to see the brand in action!