Breaking the mould – how a video led to the success of a Counselling website

Counselling used to have quite a stigma attached to it some years ago, however, nowadays it’s become a lot more acceptable for men and women of all ages to go and talk to someone who is impartial, can listen to their problems and help them through whatever difficulties or uncertainties they have.

I was approached by Kathy Robson, a counsellor, to do a website. Kathy was working in a well respected job and had been doing counselling for some years more as a hobby than anything else, but was quitting her job and focussing on helping people and following her dream of being a full time counsellor. After my first meeting with her, I realised why she was giving up everything to follow her dream – she was so passionate and eager to make her new business a success and I believe that someone who has their heart and soul behind a project will make it succeed. You can do the best design ever but if you don’t have the buy in of your client and the drive and determination to back it up then it can fall at the first hurdle.

Kathy expressed that she wanted to get across her personality through the website. Counselling is a very personal thing so you need to know that you’re seeing the right person and you either make a connection, or you don’t. I suggested doing a video, telling people what counselling is and introducing Kathy as a person, it was a risk as she won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but then she doesn’t need to be, she just needs to make that connection.

After a fair bit of thinking and bravery on Kathy’s part she agreed to do it. We got a local film company, Blatella, who I have worked with previously on other clients and put together a video. Using video for counsellors doesn’t seem to be a popular thing in the UK, so this was either really stupid, or a really good idea?!…

I’m pleased to report that the website, along with the video went live a couple of weeks ago, and Kathy has been networking and meeting people who she can collaborate with and can refer business between and the video has been deemed a success with new client bookings already taken in direct response to the website and opportunities for Kathy to speak at seminars about counselling.

It took a leap of faith on Kathy’s part to appear on camera and take the risk of doing something that isn’t common in her industry and was certainly not something she imagined herself doing but it has been a great success and we’re pleased with the results, there’s been 2 more enquiries from counsellors to follow suit, so we may have set a trend!

Check out Kathy Robson, Counsellor at and take a look at her video for yourself.