Essex Letting Angel is a part of the Angel group of companies. It’s run by the lovely Joanne and Larry and was formed as a result of their ever increasing personal property portfolios. Friends and family had seen the great results and zero arrears that they were achieving, as well as the service that they were offering to their tenants, which left them disillusioned with their current letting agents. Slowly, Larry and Joanne found themselves managing more and more properties for other people, and so Essex Letting Angel was born!


I am Emily have undertaken all the Design and Marketing for Essex Letting Angel for the best part of the last two years. It’s seen us deliver all manner of advertising, billboards, banners, leaflets, brochures, imagery for their website and Social Media, Infographics, shop signage and much more. As brand champions and promoting to all our clients the importance of consistency and identity, we really practice what we preach with Essex Letting Angel and have seen thier following increase and their business expand as a result.

We also created a sub-brand for a workshop and networking event which ELA held in collaboration with five other local businesses. The workshop was promoted over social media, Eventbrite and email using Mailchimp. It was very well attended and showed ELA as a real knowledge base when it comes to lettings.


Essex Letting Angel is a company with a lot of personality. We always try to get this across in the tone of voice in all our marketing and design for them, just like these email campaigns which we often copywrite in-house when Joanne and Larry are busy letting properties and getting on with what they are good at!

We send the emails out using Mailchimp so that we can test and measure the results we get and assess what works and what their customers want to know about so we can tailor future marketing effectively.


We got recommended to Emily after we got let down by our existing designer. We had a brand and no where to go with it!
Emily and the team gave us the tools and direction we needed to bring our brand to life and showcase it in the correct way. 
Emily is not afraid of being honest with you either, which is really refreshing in today's world - if it doesn't fit she will most certainly tell you! 
I can't honestly recommend I Am Emily enough - whether you are a start up business looking for a brand, or an existing brand looking for direction or some fresh ideas, I am Emily has it all - backed up by one of the best teams there is! 
Give her a call and I promise you will be as impressed as we were! I am so glad we met when we did as she has really made all the difference to our business.

Larry Solomons, Guardian Angel, Essex Letting Angel


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