Kathy Robson Counselling offers you the services of an experienced, qualified, MBACP, MNCS (Accredited), Integrative Counsellor. Kathy is a caring and compassionate person who is dedicated to helping clients achieve a better way of life and to achieve their goals whether it be short or long term. She specialises in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which has proven to help with anxiety and depression.

Kathy Robson Website Design


Kathy had been doing counselling alongside her full time job but after a life changing event she decided to make it her complete focus and came to I am Emily Design & Marketing to achieve that goal.
Kathy is such a personable character but with counselling you need to find someone who you click with straight away and there is only a certain amount you can convey through tone of voice on a website. After much discussion we decided to employ the services of a local film company we’ve worked with before to create a short video explaining about counselling and introducing Kathy so that clients could assess if she was the right person for them. To our knowledge there is no other counsellor doing this that we could find in Essex or even nationally and has been a very successful tool in the marketing of the business which others are now approaching us to follow the model.
The website also promotes Kathy’s services in a clear, concise manner and showcases clients testimonials the have experienced counselling with her.


A follow up to the website was to create a leaflet to promote Kathy’s counselling services. The leaflet had to appeal to a broad spectrum of people from young to old and both genders. We came up with a roll fold design that posed a question of how people may be feeling at the time they need help and offering a solution, taking them through the process and explaining what they may be interested in finding out more about.
The leaflet can be used in a variety of locations including solicitors offices, children’s centres, doctors surgeries and women’s centres where people may feel vulnerable and take the leap to discuss their problems with a professional to get them back on track.


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