Check out the new website and brand we’ve done for Tim Grigsby – a fully trained and qualified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist. The Essex based therapist combines Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Hypnosis to bring about positive change in your life and predominantly helps with Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attacks.

The logo we created visually connects Tim’s name in the way he does as a therapist bringing about ‘full circle’ change. The yellow suggests light and happiness against the muted relaxing blue – colours that exist in Tim’s life and reflected in his work in Southend-on-Sea. 

The layout and tone of voice on the website allow users to get a feel for their therapist and make the decision as to whether he is the right person to take them on their journey. With an on-going SEO campaign we’re taking Tim on his digital marketing journey with a strong brand and website to lead him on his way.

If you’re looking for a solution be it personally or professionally, get in touch.