Marketing in a digital era is becoming increasingly complex. If you’re looking for a powerful combination of marketing and brand then come along to four FREE tailored workshops that outline the tools your business requires to ensure the ultimate results.

In these four FREE workshops, hosted by the FSB and created by I am Emily Design & Marketing and Creed Marketing, you will cover the basics from brand identity to modern marketing strategies that you can implement in to your existing plans to set yourself apart from your competition. The four workshops are a step by step approach to marketing and it is vital that you complete all four sessions in order to get results from this powerful combination of marketing tactics for your business.

These interactive workshops run from 11am – 1pm at The Hive Enterprise Centre, Southend starting on May 2nd so hurry if you want to be a part of it.

Tea and coffee will be available but bring your own choice of lunch to nibble on during the session if you wish.

About the Creators

I am Emily Design & Marketing and Creed Marketing were established separately by award-winning business owners. With an existing relationship and a shared ethos, they decided to join forces in 2017 to provide their customers with a tailored full service offering design, marketing, digital marketing, websites, SEO and social media.

Having both worked throughout their careers with big names including HBOS, BT, Daily Mail, PC World Business, RSPB, Dulux, Lakeland, Universal Music, Spotify, Apple, Deezer and many other household brands as well as local SME’s and charities they have the benefit of being able to apply big budget strategy to a local market.

Using the expertise of the I am Emily team combined with the skill of Creed they have the ability to get the right results for their clients; on time and on budget by utilising their know-how on placing companies in front of the right audiences with a high intent to buy.

Together as a team, they can increase conversion rates, generate huge results from marketing campaigns, produce awe-inspiring websites and design logos and brands with punch but their hands-on approach demonstrates much more than your typical marketing company.

On every project they will hand-pick the right experts to give you unparalleled results with a friendly, down to earth approach giving you peace of mind that you’re part of a team that you can rely on. Running workshops such as these under their banner ‘Serious about Business’ shows their dedication to educating their clients and getting the best from businesses.

Be part of it. Build YOUR team today.

Workshop Breakdown

2nd May 11am-1pm
Workshop 1: Getting to know your audience.
In this workshop, you will have a chance to look at your business and create an avatar of who your audience is, what your competitors are doing, your brand and the team around you. You will learn about tools you can use to find out what competitors are doing and how to market in the right areas including untapped marketing strategies.

9th May 11am-1pm
Workshop 2: Channels and their relevance.
Learn about different social media channels and their relevance i.e. B2B and B2C, looking at keywords (based on the research done in workshop 1) and how to tie your brand in across the marketing mix.

15th May 11am-1pm
Workshop 3: DIY SEO.
Learn about the ‘DIY’ SEO strategy that you can implement to your site instantly.

23rd May 11am-1pm
Workshop 4: Putting it in to practice.
Using the information from the 3 workshops, Curt and Emily will help you produce a business plan/marketing strategy, being on hand to answer any industry specific questions and giving you advice and support.

There will be a short presentation from Stephen Colderwood, Membership Adviser outlining the member benefits of the FSB and delegates will be offered an amazing package from Creed and I am Emily Design & Marketing to assist their business going forward.

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Spaces are limited and attendees are required to participate in all four workshops.