It’s always nice to see one of your clients hard work and determination pay off and that is exactly what happened with Ellie’s Pet Emporium when they were nominated for the 2014 Southend Business Awards in the Small Business category for excellent customer service and won the award.

Here’s the story of their success…

Ellie’s Pet Emporium started life out when Hilary, the owner, became an agent for the dry pet food range from Kibbles Mill. She had already extended her range in response to customers requests to not only include food but offering eco-friendly toys and accessories for dogs, cats, rabbits and hens. Hilary wanted a name for herself rather than being under the banner of Kibbles as the offering was so much more than just one food brand, so Ellie’s Pet Emporium was born with the help of her beloved dog Ellie who rides alongside Hilary on her deliveries across South Essex.

I am Emily Design & Marketing were taken on to develop a brand identity and logo, a number of designs were produced that answered the brief but the favourite that was picked was a little green dog (to represent Ellie) wearing a bright pink collar. The design is modern and eye catching using Ellie as a simple yet playful and somewhat characterful silhouette dog to represent the name of the brand. The colours are natural and green suggesting eco products whilst the use of the bright magenta adds a fun, quirky side to it incorporating the friendly service clients should expect to receive.

Once the logo had been created the brand was worked on and the ‘swoosh’ was incorporated into marketing material. The thoughts behind the swoosh was to use the bright magenta on the collar to highlight an area on leaflets and other pieces in order to carry the logo or a CTA (call to action).

We then looked at what marketing Hilary needed for her business and what was important, it was decided that instead of business cards we would create an A6 leaflet that had more information about what Ellie’s had to offer and was a good size to hand over with each delivery, letterheads were created but more importantly we produced an NCR book (carbon copy invoice book) so that Hilary could keep track of all orders and provide receipts for her clients that carried the brand identity and information.

We then looked at events that Hilary was running and hosting and produced leaflets, posters, banners, a feather flag to be taken to farmer’s markets and events that would stand out and show where ‘Ellie’s’ stall was and to make sure that everyone knew who they were when Hilary and Ellie went out on their deliveries we designed graphics to be applied to the van which further promotes what the company offers.

All social media was also designed so that it fit in with the brand and a website was created so that people can visit the site and find out what products Ellie’s supplies and can keep up to date with Hilary’s regular blog updates that cover a wide range of pet questions, issues and advice.

Hilary worked hard on events, networking and building up her customer base and with a smile on her face and always offering sound advice in a friendly manner it was no surprise that in October she won the 2014 Southend Business Awards in the Small Business category for excellent customer service.

Hand on heart, it couldn’t have gone to a more deserving lady, I’ve loved working with Hilary and Ellie and being part of their journey from delivering one brand of food to expanding and being an award-winning pet delivery service. Take a look at Ellie’s design work and click on the image at the top to scroll though the gallery or visit their website.

If you would like to take your company further and need a design overhaul then get in touch with me today and we’ll see where your success story takes you.