Trust us to design and build the right website for your business

From brochure sites to eCommerce we have the skills to create a website that works for your business. With the option of bespoke code we build the right tools to demand the attention of your customers.

Fully responsive as standard, all our sites are carefully thought through and use our extensive design and marketing knowledge to ensure that every page is doing it’s job.

Our hosting and email packages offer you peace of mind that your site is safe and secure at all times.


It’s important to choose the right website for your business. We guide you through the process and give you options of what you may need now and what we can add on in the future as your business grows or your needs change. For example, you may need a brochure site now but need eCommerce functionality built in at a later date. We ensure that our sites are adaptable and security is paramount so we are very careful not to add in any old plug-in, if we can’t find something suitable we will build our own. With secure hosting, email, SSL certificates and on-going maintenance packages we’ve got you covered.


Brochure websites are a catch all term used for many personal and SME business websites. Often including an informative home page and menu structure with multiple pages. These typically include information about the company, a clear CTA (Call to Action) so that the user is guided to the desired end goal and often including content about what the business wants to offer or show case on the website. Often blogging functionality is included with share and like buttons to try and increase exposure.

We also include what we see as ‘standard’ implementation such as integration to a CRM or email marketing system, share buttons, policy documents (including cookies), Google maps, a header navigation, and common footer. We do not limit the number of pages or sections to the websites we create for our clients, but we do recommend a maximum of approximately 7 top level sections for ease of use – sub-sections can then drop down – depending on the design and requirements.

In the ‘back-end’ of the site we make sure that all your basic SEO is adhered to, install SEO and analytics tools, for example, Google Analytics and Yoast. Basically, everything is included to give your website the best chance of succeeding and rank on Google. Having said that, you do still need to nurture your site and keep up with the ever changing algorithms and competition in what are becoming very saturated markets. We can help with that with our digital marketing offering as well as our maintenance packages, keeping an eye on your website and your market so that your always ahead of the game and more importantly your competitors.


eCommerce was always implemented in to a site when you were selling products or services online, although that hasn’t changed there’s several ways in which you can add payments to your site, from a simple PayPal button to a fully integrated system – it can be as involved as you want it to be.

We are experts at implementing successful eCommerce experiences for our clients, one’s that enhance the success of our merchants, and one’s that provide a beautiful and intuitive user experience for the visitors or their customers.

We recommend building sites with eComm in mind from the ground up and as part of the design process. However we do support several eCommerce platforms, which do allow us to retrospectively add eCommerce to our main web platforms. We can also do custom payment gateway integrations if you require a particular customised ordering or booking and payments flow.


Our sites are all hosted on web platforms that offer a CMS (Content Management System). What this means is that you as the client or owner of the website will be able to login to the website, and make changes to the content; updating copy, adding new blog posts, changing pictures, adding new pages, etc.

You can go it alone with with updates to your site but we do offer services that take the pain out of this for you:

  • You can take the option of us doing all the content updates for you either on a monthly basis or as and when you need them.
  • We can maintain the site for you, which includes content updates, software updates and security patches and support in case the site was to have problems or suffer an outage.
  • We can provide you with training, which would enable you to make changes or updates to your site, this is especially important when you have an eCommerce site, and the order and inventory system is unfamiliar to you.

We can also build bespoke websites and experiences without a content management system which can be discussed during the briefing phase, however where a CMS is not used, it is more likely, unless you understand code to a certain level, that you will be reliant on your web developer to make changes to your site for you.


We have the capability to build community based sites for you, in which we mean sites that provide login facilities, and user accounts. This may to give access to paid content, in the context of eCommerce, or perhaps as a closed loop interest group.

We typically use ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions which we integrate into our web platform. However, if you have something bespoke that doesn’t fit into these ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions, please contact us as we can happily provide you with a detailed quote; based on these requirements.


The onus here is on unique or bespoke. Typically a web app is differentiated from a bespoke website (or one of the other website types discussed here), in the fact it offers some kind of on-line tool, system, or software that customers will want to use, and keep returning to and using. A web app has utility and functionality beyond just informing the customer, or allowing the customer to interact with the website’s owner. If this is something that would benefit your business then we can build it.


We have the hardware and the virtualisation and testing tools to test, test, test. Using the latest build and testing tools, we ensure as great a level of compatibility of your website, with as many devices and browsers as possible. This is of course dependent on budget – however we typically test across multiple desktop browsers on Windows and Apple (at least Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge), and multiple mobile and tablet platforms on iOS and Android. If there is a particular platform you need to target, especially if it’s niche or exotic – please do let us know, so we can ensure we can support it for you as part of your project.


Again the onus here is on unique or bespoke. Typically a web app is differentiated from a bespoke website (or one of the other website types discussed here), in the fact it offers some kind of on-line tool, system, or software that customers will want to use, and keep returning to and using. A web app has utility and functionality beyond just informing the customer, or allowing the customer to interact with the website’s owner.


Sometimes it’s not a full website that you need; rather a single page microsite as a new marketing funnel, or marketing campaign. We can build this on your existing site, or deploy on our hosting on a subdomain off your site (if an existing site hosted elsewhere or a different web platform).

This will typically or often be time sensitive, with rich and beautiful content and interactivity. We can support your needs in creating bespoke digital experiences, for example for conferences or shows, you may have a requirement to create an on-line engagement site specifically for the event – we can help with this. Or an activation to attract people to your stand and keep them at your stand!


We have a rich capability in building social media engagement walls or activations for companies. These allow you to curate social media content and display it on beautiful digital signage.

We have a range of solutions to meet your specific budget, including fully customised solutions that we can install, run and operate at events and exhibitions for you.


Our website maintenance package takes the pain away from you regarding your site updates – we’ll keep all the software up-to-date including security patches. For this fee we can also do a certain amount of content updates, and amendments to the site on a monthly basis. This also provides you some technical support, and someone to contact if there is a problem with your website, or in case an outage was to happen.

Alternatively we can provide you with a contact point who can do your website updates for you on an ‘as and when’ basis. From blogs and content updates to landing pages and product upload.

If you want to go it totally alone we provide 1 on 1 training to meet your needs, this can be face to face or via video conferencing or chat facilities. The onus is on you to get what you need out of our support. As part of our on-going maintenance package we can provide bespoke training and support as part of that package or if you prefer an ad-hoc approach, we can support you with that too.


We can specifically provide you with a contact point who can do your website updates for you. This could reporting the events you will be attending, helping publish blog posts for you, adding articles or making changes to copy, etc.


How is your website performing in terms of number of visits? How long are people staying? What pages are the viewing? How many of these visitors are engaged and convert to making enquiries. We uses sophisticated analytics reporting software to keep track of this all for you and answer these questions.

We can grant you access, use your own existing analytics facilities or provide your reports. We can even provide some 1-2-1 introductory training for these tools, which will help guide you to what you should be looking at, and actions you can take to improve your website performance – and therefore your business.

We also have tooling to track your target keywords using SERP (Search Engine Results Page) analysis to tell you how you are performing in organic search against the keywords your site is optimised for. This of course flows into the SEO and digital marketing services that we provide as an agency.


Not got a website with us? Your website not performing as well as you’d hope? You’ve seen a fall in ranking in the search engines? People are complaining that it doesn’t work on mobile? People are struggling to contact or find your via your site?

We can help you identify any open issues on your website, with our website audit reports. We run a series of automated reports, and manual tests and then provide you with a detailed report that combines all these results and gives your clear action points on what can be enhanced on your website.

This could then be handed off to a website developer of your choice to make the enhancements, or this could be something we would be delighted to support you on further, to significantly increase the performance of your website.


We provide a simple hosting package, which can be paid on a monthly or yearly basis depending on your needs. This is a high performance and resilient platform that ensures the highest level of uptime for your website. It also provides protection against malware, and hacking attempts, and denial of service attacks. We believe we offer this all at a very reasonable rate compared to other cloud based solutions that can often temp you in with a low or free tier, but rapidly increase the costs when you need to scale.

We highly recommend installing SSL certificates on all new modern websites, we provide this with our hosting platform, and enables the communications on your website(s) to be secured using HTTPS. This will ensure all traffic between your websites visitors and your website’s server are encrypted. This helps protect any confidential information that is passed, and is of paramount important, especially on eCommerce sites where payment credentials are entered.



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